Renovation Update 3/2/19

The renovation work at Shep’s Place continues. It’s been difficult to work outside, due to the weather; the play yards are soaked and frozen. Still, they have begun putting up the inner chain link fences.

The chainlink fence along the north ridge line.

You can begin to see what the large play yard will look like

The outline of the large play yard. The small play yard will be to the left of the picture.

The new kennel / former garage has a new exterior door. They will put up siding next week.

They are scraping the exterior wood so it can be repainted.

Inside, they have been covering the floors with a water-resistant sealant. Makes it easier to clean up dog messes!

Floor of the future office.

They have begun installing lighting in the kennel.

From the kennel looking into the Work Room. Notice the waterproof covering on the kennel walls.

They are also replacing the countertops in the kitchen.

Next up: new heating and AC for the kennel, and new AC for the rest of the house. Lord knows when it will be dry enough outside to pour the driveway. But it’s getting close!

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