Our Dogs

We’d like you to meet the dogs that live at Shep’s Place. They are the reason for the entire enterprise, and we are proud to share our home with them.


Mr. Duce
  • Age: 11
  • Breed: Plott Hound Mix
  • Arrived: 5/19/19
  • Previous Home: Kansas City Pet Project, KC MO
  • Available for adoption; in foster

Duce is a brother to Lily, and they were both owner surrenders at KC Pet Project. He is shy, and has anxiety with strangers, but is very loyal and affectionate with his people. He worked with trainers from The Pet Connection to reduce his anxiety, and has greatly improved. He loves to play with toys and go on walks. We believe he and Lily had little interaction with other dogs, so he would do best in a home where he was the only pet. If someone is willing to be patient with him, he would be a great companion.

Duce feeling fine

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Opie rocking a sweater
  • Age: 17-18 (estimated)
  • Breed: Terrier Mix
  • Arrived: 11/25/19
  • Previous Home: Grain Valley Animal Control
  • Not available for Adoption, due to health issues
  • Currently in foster

Opie is our oldest dog. He was found abandoned in Grain Valley, severely undernourished, with scabies on his back, and unable to stand or walk. After a week of meals, he began to recover his strength, and he came to Shep’s. He can now walk around on his own, and is gaining weight. According to the vet, he has a number of serious health issues, as any 18 year old dog does. We will give him the best care, and lots of love, and make his remaining life as comfortable and happy as possible. He LOVES snuggling with volunteers, and soaking up the sun.

Opie chillin’

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Callie shares a smile
  • Age: 12
  • Breed: Chow Chow / Husky (?) mix
  • Arrived: 6/6/20
  • Previous Home: Gladstone MO Animal Shelter
  • Available for Adoption

Callie is a gentle, friendly girl. She has hip dysplasia, so she walks slowly, but she gets around fine. She is very low-maintenance, mild and quiet. She loves human companionship, and just wants to be where you’re at. And she’s a great kisser! She would make a wonderful family member.

Callie kisses

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The great Gatsby!
  • Age: 11
  • Breed: Black Labrador
  • Arrived: 11/12/19
  • Previous Home: Independence Animal Services
  • On Adoption Hold

Gatsby is a big, lovable lug of a black labrador. He is slow-moving and gentle, a friendly guy who gets along great with other dogs. He is not very active, but does like to go on walks (slowly) and hang out with his people. He has problems with allergies, and can be cranky sometimes, but overall he’s a sweetheart.

So hansum!

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Oh my Gotti!
  • Age: 11
  • Breed: Pit Bull
  • Arrived: 2/1/20
  • Previous Home: Helping Hands Humane Society, Topeka KS
  • Available for Adoption

Gotti is a sweet-hearted pit bull. He is blind, so he needs a helping hand sometimes, but he’s smart and healthy. Previously, he lived in a car with a homeless man and two other dogs, so he’s enjoying the space at Shep’s. He has a lot of energy for an old guy, but is very friendly and gentle, and LOVES people. He would be a great companion.

Gotti enjoying some couch time.

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Little Lady

Howdy, Little Lady!
  • Age: 12
  • Breed: Terrier mix
  • Arrived: 5/23/20
  • Previous Home: Helping Dogs 4 Paws at a Time Rescue, Moberly MO
  • On Adoption Hold

Little Lady is an adorable 12 year old terrier. She was picked up as a stray, probably abandoned, in central Missouri. She is blind in the left eye, and her back legs are very stiff. She can still get around fine, though, and is a happy, quiet girl. She integrated with Pepper and Zena within a day, so she gets along great with other dogs. She definitely likes people and company.

Our smiling Little Lady.

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 ** Our Adoptees **

Loretta, 8/16/19 Chug, 9/30/19 Herbie, 10/2/19
Nikko, 10/30/19 Arlo, 11/1/19 Chico, 11/18/19
Phyllis, 12/13/19 Molly, 1/19/20 Zippy, 1/22/20
John Wayne “JW”, 1/24/20 Chief, 2/7/20 Tuttle, 2/7/20
Rosco, 3/21/20 Sydney, 4/13/20 Lily, 4/25/20
Scooby, 5/17/20 Sissy, 5/24/20 Pepper & Zena, 5/31/20