Our Dogs

We’d like you to meet the dogs that live at Shep’s Place. They are the reason for the entire enterprise, and we are proud to share their home with them.

Where They Come From

We are set up to help dogs like Shep:  seniors who have gone unadopted in shelters or rescues.  Most of our dogs end up in a shelter because their owners either pass away or have to move to assisted care.  Because we like to meet the dogs first, we only pull from facilities within 100 miles of our location.  Our only requirement is that they be at least 9 years old, and get along well with other dogs, since they all live together in a small house.  The dogs are welcome to stay forever, but the healthy ones are available to adopt; over 75% of our dogs end up finding new homes, eventually.

Current Residents


  • Age: 13
  • Breed: Plott Hound
  • Weight: 70 lb
  • Previous Home: KC Pet Project
  • Arrived: 5/19/19
  • In Foster, Not Available for adoption

Duce was an owner surrender.  He is shy, and has anxiety with strangers, but is very loyal and affectionate with his people.  He has worked with trainers to reduce his anxiety, and has greatly improved.  He loves to play with toys and go on walks.


  • Age: 10
  • Breed: Terrier mix
  • Weight: 14 lb
  • Previous Home: Lexington MO Animal Shelter
  • Arrived: 1/31/23
  • Not yet available for adoption

Elliot is a sweet, gentle lap dog.  He was a stray, so we don’t know his back story.  He has limited sight, and is missing a few teeth, but still moves around well.  And he’s cute as a button!


  • Age: 11
  • Breed: Husky/Shepherd mix
  • Weight: 94 lb
  • Previous Home: Independence MO Animal Shelter
  • Arrived: 9/24/21
  • Not available for adoption

Charlie is a big bear of a friendly guy. He is super mellow, and mostly likes to lay down and watch the world go by. He is affectionate, and loves belly rubs. He also enjoys lumbering around the yard, and going on short walks. He is overweight, and we have had him on a diet, which would need to continue. But he would be an excellent, low-maintenance companion 



  • Age: 9
  • Breed:  Lab Mix
  • Weight: 50 lb
  • Previous Home: Doniphan County Pet Rescue
  • Arrived: 12/20/22
  • Available for adoption

Brandi is the most active, healthy, and energetic of our dogs.  She loves to run around the yard and play with toys.  She is very affectionate, and wants to be where the people are.  She is a bit TOO excited around other dogs, though, and would do best as a single pet.


  • Age: 14
  • Breed:  Poodle
  • Weight: 14lb
  • Previous Home: Helping Hands, Topeka KS
  • Arrived: 11/14/22
  • Not yet available for adoption; in foster

Matt is a quiet, gentle old man.  He can’t see or hear well, but he LOVES being held in your lap.  He likes to mosey around his room or yard, then sleep.  His energy may be low, but his adorableness is high!


  • Age: 9
  • Breed:  Boxer mix
  • Weight: 79 lb
  • Previous Home: Helping Hands, Topeka
  • Arrived: 8/8/22
  • Available for adoption

Baxter is a relaxed, older gentleman, who likes nothing more than to lay down next to his people.  His original owners had to move to a nursing home.  He has some arthritis and thryoid issues, but is still active.  He is a friendly guy who gets along well with other dogs.  We’ve taken him to several events, and he is a crowd favorite.

Lily & Roscoe

  • Age: 10
  • Breed:  Labrador Retrievers
  • Weight: 80 lb (each)
  • Previous Home: Humane Society of Jackson County KS
  • Arrived: 2/9/22
  • Not available for Adoption

Lily (black) and Roscoe (tan) are siblings, whose parents had to move for health reasons.  They spent 5 months at the shelter in Holton KS.  They have typical lab personalities:  warm, friendly, loyal, outgoing.  They are active, and love running in the yard and chewing on toys.  Prepare to have your face licked!


  • Age: 9
  • Breed:  Labrador mix
  • Weight: 50 lb
  • Previous Home: Old Drum Animal Shelter, Warrensburg MO
  • Arrived: 9/19/22
  • Available for Adoption; in foster

We have a lot of chill dogs, but Hollie may be the chillest.  She was found after her owner died, and had lost most of her hair due to a thyroid condition.  That is being treated now, and her hair is growing back.  She is very mild mannered and friendly, and loves a soft bed.


  • Age: 13
  • Breed:  Golden Retreiver
  • Weight: 68 lb
  • Previous Home: Sunflower Rescue Group, DeSoto KS
  • Arrived: 12/7/22
  • Not yet available for adoption

Maggie is a very gentle, shy, quiet girl.  She is in excellent health, with full mobility and no known medical issues.  She is docile around other dogs, and avoids them when she can.  She is hesitant around strangers, but once she knows you’re friendly, she is very affectionate.  A total sweetheart.


  • Age: 10
  • Breed:  Staffordshire Terrier
  • Weight: 64 lb
  • Previous Home:  Brown County Humane Society, Hiawatha KS
  • Arrived: 1/5/23
  • Available for Adoption

Dutch is a calm, quiet gentleman.  He loves being with people, and giving kisses.  He is more unsure of other dogs, and mostly avoids them.  He is still healthy and active, and enjoys vigorous walks.  The ultimate good boy. 


  • Age: 10
  • Breed:  Beagle
  • Weight: 27 lb
  • Previous Home:  Allen County Animal Rescue Facility, La Harpe KS
  • Arrived: 1/20/23
  • Not yet available for Adoption

Rita is a spunky, good-natured, well-behaved girl.  She is still active, and loves exploring.  She loves her snacks, and puppies!  She is independent, and not much of a snuggler, but very affectionate.

Our Adoptees

Loretta, adopted 8/16/2019

Chug, adopted 9/30/2019

Herbie, adopted 10/2/2019

Nikko, adopted 10/30/2019

Arlo, adopted 10/30/2019

Chico, adopted 11/18/2019

Phyllis, adopted 12/13/2019

Molly, adopted 1/19/2019

John Wayne “JW”, adopted 1/24/2020

Chief, adopted 2/7/2020

Tuttle, adopted 2/7/2020

Rosco, adopted 3/21/2020

Sydney, adopted 4/13/2020

Lily, adopted 4/25/2020

Scooby, adopted 5/17/2020

Sissy, adopted 5/24/2020

Pepper & Zena, adopted 5/31/2020

Gatsby, adopted 6/15/2020

 Opie, adopted 6/25/2020

 Suzie, adopted 8/8/2020

Sophie, adopted 9/6/2020

Callie, adopted 9/14/2020

Ora, adopted 10/17/2020

Dusty, adopted 12/21/2020

Xena, adopted 12/30/2020

Johnny and June, adopted 1/26/2021

Darla, adopted 2/6/2021

Winnie, adopted 2/26/2021

Baby, adopted 5/22/21

Gracie, adopted 6/3/21

Harley, adopted 6/17/21

Sissy, adopted 2/26/21

Zippy, adopted 9/21/2021

Zoey, adopted 10/12/2021

Marley, adopted 11/11/2021

Teddy, adopted 11/12/2021

Baby, adopted 12/17/2021

Teddy & Ginger, adopted 1/15/2022

Molly, adopted 1/27/2022

Buster, adopted 2/9/2022

Barney, adopted 3/9/2022

Sammy & Angie, adopted 3/15/2022

Hobbs, adopted 4/5/2022

Buddy, adopted 6/12/2022

Freddie, adopted 6/14/2022

Jelly Bean, adopted 7/3/2022

Penny, adopted 7/8/2022

Angel, adopted 7/29/2022

Dottie, adopted 9/9/2022

Sugar, adopted 9/15/2022

Jenny, adopted 10/3/2022

Joe, adopted 10/8/2022

Lance, adopted 10/21/2022

Blue, adopted 11/9/2022

Sonar, adopted 11/11/2022

Bacon, adopted 11/15/2022

Wilbur, adopted 12/2/2022

Hank, adopted 12/18/2022

Sam, adopted 12/21/2022