For Shep’s Place Volunteer Form, click here 

Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you within a few days with more information.

If you love dogs, and feel these old gals and guys deserve our help, then consider becoming a Volunteer!  Volunteers are our life blood.  We have no paid staff, so all of the ideas, planning, and work must be done by Volunteers.   That’s a daunting task, but also an exciting one.  As a small organization, Volunteers have a real opportunity to make a lasting contribution, and have their voice heard.  We need your help.

Please note that you must be at least 16 years old to volunteer by yourself, or at least 12 to volunteer with an adult.

We need Volunteers to sign up for shifts to work and play with the dogs.  Our dogs live in the house, with Volunteers as their friends and family.  If you enjoy spending time with sweet old dogs who will love you for it, Shep’s Place may be for you.

In addition to dog care, we need help from Volunteers in a number of areas:

  • Off-site Promotions/Events – staff a table/booth with 1 or more other volunteers to help educate the public about the mission of Shep’s Place
  • Adoptions – meet with prospective adopters, assist in matching them with dogs with an appropriate personality and needs, do initial home visit
  • Volunteer Support – assist the volunteer coordinator in managing, scheduling, recruiting, supporting volunteers and volunteer programs.
  • Fundraising – participate in creating/supporting fundraising events and opportunities, both web-based and in and around the Kansas City area.
  • Public Relations – help us get our name out to the public and promote our mission.
  • Facilities & Grounds Maintenance – Mr. or Ms. Fix-It! Help oversee and manage our building maintenance program.
  • Animal Care/Support – Assist in the ensuring the health, enrichment, and welfare of our senior residents
  • Social Media/Website Support – Post regular happenings, activities and events, to help us communicate with volunteers and the public.
  • Item Donations Support – Help coordinate and promote the donation of goods to Shep’s Place:  food, dog beds, furniture, etc.  Arrange for delivery, pickup and storage.

If you’d like to jump in, please let us know!  You can fill out the online form at the top of this page, or on the Forms page.  If you have questions or comments, you can contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Trish Herbig, at

It takes a dedicated group of caring Volunteers to provide a home for these elder pups.  They need you!  Please help!