Unlike a rescue or shelter, adoptions are not the primary focus at Shep’s Place.  Our main concern is the happiness and well-being of the dogs in our care.  As a Sanctuary, we are under no pressure to adopt them out, and they are free to remain forever.  If a person or family comes along that is a good fit to a dog, however, we are certainly open to adoption.  Some dogs may do better in a different environment than Shep’s, perhaps on a farm, or in a house without other dogs.  If so, we want those dogs to live where they will be happiest, even if we hate to see them go.

To consider an adoption, we first need to know the dog well enough to understand its needs and personality.  So, every dog will stay with us for at least six weeks before being made available for adoption.  If a dog is available, we will list their status as Adoptable on the website, and post them on various adoption sites.  Interested parties may then fill out an Adoption Application on our website.  For qualified applicants, we will schedule a Meet & Greet with the dog, and if that goes well, an in-home visit.  If the parties decide to move forward, we will arrange for the dog to spend a two-week foster visit with the applicant before completing the adoption.  This process, though time-consuming, is designed to protect the interests of both the dog and the adopter.

If you are interested in adopting one of our available dogs, please first read the Adoption Letter below, then fill out the following application.  We hope it is the first step in a new friendship between you and one of our sweet pups!