Renovation Update 2/16/19

Despite the lousy weather, the crew has continued working on the renovations at Shep’s Place. The most visible sign is outside, where they have been putting up the privacy fence for the play yards.

Workers cementing the fence posts in place.
Play yard fence facing Truman Rd.

After the snow yesterday, this is what the play yards look like. They are beginning to place the metal posts for the inner chain link fences.

Current state of the play yards. The big concrete pipe will become a play installation.

Inside, the walls have been put back in place and are in the process of being painted.

The freshly painted walls of the living room. (Though it looks good there, we’ll probably move the stove back to the kitchen.)

They also painted the kitchen cabinets!

The cabinets look greyt!

The kennel looks about the same, but it does have a door now.

This way to the sleeping dogs.

The next steps inside will be finishing the kennels and installing the dog wash. Outside, they’ll install the fences, and wait for good weather to replace the driveway. It’s finally starting to look like a dog house!