Renovations are Underway!

After months of planning and waiting, renovations are finally underway at Shep’s Place! Adam Farinelli, Caleb Gardner and their crew from KC Custom Design have been hard at work for the last week.

Adam Farinelli (left) and Caleb Gardner (right) of KC Custom Design, with our Board Member Gina Carnahan, who coordinated the renovation project.

The primary task now is fixing the plumbing for the new bathroom, dog wash, and sink for the kennel. There are lots of deep, scary trenches being dug.

The south end of the workroom, with a newly cut door into the dog wash / utility room.

To make the house and bathroom ADA accessible, we had to widen the garage doorway by cutting through 18 inches of stone wall.

The right side of the doorway into the garage / kennel room had to be widened by 6″, which required them to cut through an 18″ thick stone wall.

Inside the kennel room, they are putting up framing for the walls and ceiling.

The future kennel room.

They also had to widen the door into the new “human bathroom”, and are working on the plumbing for it.

The new ADA accessible bathroom.

It’s a big mess now, but we’re very glad to see it finally taking shape. We’ll keep you posted as the work progresses.

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  1. Terri Hoeflicker

    Congratulations on the progress! So exciting! I can tell already it’s looking magnificent!

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