Renovation Update 12-24-18

It’s been months since we’ve updated you on the renovations at Shep’s Place.  In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need an update, because the renovations would already be done, and we’d be open and caring for old dogs.  But alas, every step of the process has taken far longer than expected, and the opening date has been pushed back repeatedly, from October to December and beyond.

However, even glaciers eventually reach the sea.  After many delays and false starts, we are finally on the verge of starting the renovations, and we wanted to share our plans with you.

In November, the city of Independence approved the architect’s plans for the renovations.  Though small changes have been made since, here is what they look like.

Indoors, the main tasks will be turning the existing garage into a kennel room, making the bathroom and entrances ADA compliant, sealing and covering the concrete floors, and adding a dog bath.  Outside, we will add 2 play yards behind a wooden privacy fence, 4 parking spaces, and trees and shrubs along Truman Road.

As commercial property, the city requires that the renovations be overseen by a General Contractor.  Gina Carnahan, one of our Board members, has worked diligently to locate someone who would be interested in such a relatively small project.  We thought we’d found one in October, but they backed out.  Fortunately, we finally connected with Adam Farinelli of KC Custom Design.

Adam Farinelli (left) and Caleb Gardner (right) of KC Custom Design, with Gina Carnahan

Adam is a dog lover, and has enthusiastically taken us on.  He and his partner Caleb Gardner toured the property, and found several ways to reduce the overall cost.  They have since worked diligently with the city to get the changes approved.

So when is this going to happen?  After being wrong multiple times, I hesitate to predict a date.  I feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick a football; I don’t want it pulled away yet again.  But this time is the real deal.  Adam thinks they can start work in early to mid January, and it should take 6-8 weeks.  After that, we’ll need to go through the licensing process with the city and state.  So… April?  May at the latest?

It has been a long, frustrating wait, but all indications are that the renovations are actually, truly about to begin.  For realsies.  We will keep you updated regularly as the work progresses.  Thanks for your patience and support!