Status Update 6-30-17

It seems like nothing happens very quickly, but we are making small steps forward.
1. We have applied to become a Non-Profit Corporation in the state of Missouri. That is the first step toward earning federal tax-free 501c3 charitable status. It will take the state a while to process, I am sure.
2. We are looking a a potential property in Independence. I don’t want to say too much about it, until it becomes more serious. But it has a sufficient amount of land in a good location, without a lot of neighbors. We’ll keep you posted.
3. I talked to a city planner in Independence about zoning for animal shelters, how to get parcels rezoned, road access, and so on. The planner was very helpful, and we have a much better idea of how things work from the city’s perspective.
4. I’ve remained in contact with the Sanctuary in Maryland, and the director said he’ll have a date finalized by next week for me to visit. I believe that visit will really jumpstart the process.
5. I read through all of the Missouri Animal Care Facilities Regulations, and created a checklist (6 pages) of rules we’ll need to follow. It was super fun. ?
6. We bought books on Non-Profit Management, Non-Profit Accounting, and Care of Senior Dogs. Now if I can just bring myself to read them.
Just wanted you to know we’re not spending ALL our time researching Famous Sheps. And since this message was pretty boring, let me leave you with an adorable picture of Shep and Malcolm. Thanks for reading! ?