Volunteer Work Group Selection

At the Getting Acquainted Meeting on March 31, we decided to set up a number of Volunteer Work Groups to start making plans for Shep’s Place.  For a description of the Groups, please click on the Volunteer tab.  Those that attended the meeting filled out a form about which Groups they’d like to work with.  Based on those responses, I divvied up the Volunteers among the Groups.  Over the next few days, I’ll be contacting each Volunteer about their proposed assignment, to make sure they accept.

A few points of explanation:

  • You don’t have to say yes. You’re a volunteer; you don’t HAVE to do anything!  If you don’t like a Group, you can stop going.  You can switch.  It’s all open.  Just let me know.
  • Everyone who filled out a form will be asked to be part of at least one Work Group.
  • Given our current numbers, most people will be asked to join two Work Groups. As we gain more volunteers, that number can go down.
  • You are not limited to 2 Work Groups. Any volunteer can help with as many Work Groups as they want.  Or none.
  • Just because I didn’t ask you about a particular group doesn’t mean you can’t be part of it. The invitations are meant to ensure each Group has at least 3 members; there can always be more.
  • Almost everyone picked “Dog Care” as their top interest, which makes sense. But I had to spread some of those people to other Groups, to even out the numbers.  You can still join Dog Care if you want.
  • If you weren’t at the March 31 meeting, but would like to help, just fill out the Volunteer Info Form on the website; click either the “Volunteer” tab, or the “Forms” tab.
  • As new Volunteers join, we will slot them into Groups based on their preferences and our needs.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll start scheduling one Group a week to meet at Shep’s Place, probably on Wednesday evening.  After that, the Groups can set their own schedules.  I’ll send out the details once they are figured out.