Status Report 9-10-17

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. In part that’s because school has started, and for some reason they require me to be there 40 hours a week. The main reason, though, is that we’ve identified what we think is an ideal location for Shep’s Place, and we’ve been working on getting our house ready to sell so we can make an offer on the new place. I don’t want to count our chickens before they hatch, so I’ll save details till later, but we will make an offer this week. If and when that goes through, then things can really begin to move. Recruiting volunteers, setting up donations, connecting with other shelters and businesses, all of that makes more sense once we have an actual location to point to. Just wanted to assure you that the wheels are still turning. Hopefully we’ll have some good news later this week!

Also, Shep actually played with a toy this week, for about 45 seconds! This is the only picture I managed to get before he quit.